Weekly Horoscopes By Tracey Rogers (April 14th-20th) [EXCLUSIVE]

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  • The Moon just recently entered the sign of Libra. As it continues its transit, it will cross paths with the planet Mars, also in the sign of Libra. Once it passes the planet Mars, it will move directly behind the Earth into its shadow. At that point, we will experience a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, scheduled for Tuesday, April 15th around 3:00a.m. EST.

    I strongly advise you to take a look at this Full Moon, because in passing through the Earth’s shadow, it will be reflected by the Sun’s rays, which will give it a reddish color. In fact, this Full Moon is being called a Blood Moon, and many astrologers, astronomers and historians have referred to this phenomenon as an “end of days,” Armageddon type event. In my opinion, however, I just think it’s really cool!

    Still, these are tense times, which I’ve alluded to in horoscopes’ past. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse represents an important shift, a culmination of events that will sharply twist the plots of our lives. The next two weeks will be filled with activity, all leading up to the Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 29th. Until then, practice your woo-sah, and allow situations to peak as necessary. The Universe – The Divine – knows exactly what it’s doing.

    Check your horoscopes below for the week ahead, and be sure to read for your Ascendant sign, too.


    On the day you were born, all of the planets were positioned in the signs of the Zodiac – not just the Sun. To find out more about your full astrological make up, email Tracey for a personal Astrology reading at tracey@randomnessofrudy.com.


    Aries: A relationship must either begin to work to your benefit, or end completely. There’s really no middle ground about it. Whether it’s a platonic close connection, a business partner or spousal mate/potential; something about the dynamics of your interactions must give. Whatever that is will be revealed to you around the time of Tuesday’s Lunar Eclipse, although you may very well be in the throes of discussions now as tension increases. Final decisions could be one of two extremes. My special for April has been announced! Visit randomenssofrudy.com for more details.


    Taurus: Your daily life has been filled with activity. As a result, you haven’t been able to sit and be lazy. Yes, laziness can be one of your favorite pastimes, Taurus. You enjoy not having a packed agenda so that there’s time to simply just be. It’s the way you reward yourself for a hard day’s work, and this week, you may finally decide that a break from the hustle and bustle is long overdue. Start clearing your schedule now, then, especially before significant others begin assigning new chores. My special for April has been announced! Visit randomenssofrudy.com for more details.

    Gemini: While your reputation as an intellect, a jack of all trade, an analytical genius and a witty charmer precedes you, sometimes you wish to be able to show the real and soulful you that reside beneath the surface. There are two ways for this to happen: you could either start by tapping into what makes you authentic, allowing what moves you to reveal itself, or; the Universe could push you tothe point of presently living and being. All will be decided at the Lunar Eclipse this Tuesday. My special for April has been announced! Visit randomenssofrudy.com for more details.


    Cancer: Home and family relations have experienced much activity and changing dynamics as a result of everything else that’s influx in your life (namely your career, relationships and your personal self). However, now, you realize that it’s time to start focusing on your emotional body along with whatever gives you that sense of comfort, nurture and familiarity. If you’ve been neglecting the people and places that put you in your element, this week marks a time to reconnect.   My special for April has been announced! Visit randomenssofrudy.com for more details.


    Leo: Something needs to be said, and it may very well come out this week around the time of Tuesday’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. If you’ve been biting your tongue for whatever reason, you may very well blurt out what’s been bubbling beneath the surface. It’s fine to express yourself, just be mindful of the manner in which you do so. Words are powerful, Leo; you must be careful with how you use them so as not to upset the other party. Tact is what will effectively get your point across. My special for April has been announced! Visit randomenssofrudy.com for more details.


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