According to TMZ  rapper Meek Mill says the Philly P.D. screwed him out of a multi-million dollar shoe contract so now he’s suing the City of Philadelphia to recoup that loss!

In the lawsuit, Meek says his Halloween 2012 arrest was a complete farce and that even though the cops claimed they smelled weed in his car … they never actually found anything.

Meek claims he was cuffed for refusing to let cops search his ride and he ended up missing his private jet flight to Atlanta. In the docs, he also claims he took a hit in negotiating a $2 million deal with Puma because all the negative press forced him to settle for a mere $650,000.00 instead. 

Meek claims he lost $22,000.00 on the cancelled jet and another $39,000.00 for the appearance fee for party he missed out on. 

The rapper is suing the city of Philly for false imprisonment, invasion of privacy … and to get recoup some of the money he lost as a result of the entire situation. 

Someday folks will stop smoking weed in their cars….because they will finally realize that it does nothing but provoke suspicion if they get pulled over!


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