Oprah is 60, fabulous and looking better than ever! Rocking a purple gown and loose curls, the media mogul doesn’t look a day past 40 on the new May cover of O Magazine.

In the pages of the glossy, she shares the best thing about aging. “The absolute best part is being able to be free to be and do whatever you want. You can be and do whatever you want to, thanks to exercise and hair color,” she says. “I’m not one to get hung up on numbers, but if you want to say 60 is the new 40, I’ll take that.”

She goes not say the “hardest part of aging really is recognizing the time that you wasted and the things that you worried about that really didn’t matter.”

“That’s really the hardest part, that’s really the only regret that I have,” she adds.

And as far has her beauty secrets, Mama O says it’s all about a good dye job. “Hair color: The greatest invention of all time for women. Thank you Miss Clairol.”


Now we know where the phrase “aging like fine wine” comes from!


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