A Nigerian man beheaded his father then ate his neck.

The New York Daily News reports:

Police in Ebonyi State, southeastern Nigeria, say that Nwode Chukwudi attacked his father with a machete.

When police were called he also threatened to attack anybody who tried to apprehend him before being overpowered by officers.

It is not clear why the 30-year-old attacked his father Michael Awam. One report claims that the son heard voices telling him to carry out the grisly assault.

“He ate the neck. He was seen eating the entire stub of the neck … the head doesn’t have the neck even though he did the beheading from the base of the shoulder. You will not see the part of the body that is supposed to be the neck; he ate it up,” Assistant Superintendent of Police Chris Anyanwu told the Vanguard news site.

Officers said Chukwudi had been away from home for six years before returning to carry out the attack.

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(Photo Source NY Daily News)

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