Deaf Woman Robbed At Detroit Gas Station

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When Fox 2 News got wind of Magee’s story, the outlet approached the gas station’s manager, Souna Hadi, who said the clerk did not summon police because Magee left the premises too abruptly. Hadi said the incident was captured on surveillance video and will be released to police when they request it.

Magee insists that she did not get the help she desperately needed at the time of the incident. Signing her frustration, Magee contends, “Why didn’t someone step up and help me and just call the police? It’s as simple as dialing the phone.”

Meanwhile, Hadi said employees at the gas station will keep a notebook behind the counter in case a situation like Magee’s arises again. The manager also stated that Magee’s case is a definite lesson learned for all involved.




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