KKK Leader: Members Are Christians Who Are ‘Not About Hate’

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Ancona agrees with Clary’s assessment of the KKK’s membership in that his organization’s numbers have tripled, and he notes that the recruitment process is highly vigorous as well. Ancona says the recruitment flyers that have been handed out and tossed by those who claim they want no part of the group have been catching the eye of countless who are eager to join.

On a crusade to change the racist image of the KKK, Ancona writes on his LinkedIn page that he wants “to increase awareness of the destruction of our constitutional rights and the plight of the White race in America.”  He goes on to state,”We teach traditional American values and keep alive our heritage and culture as Americans.”

As far as Ancona’s agenda, his plans for the Virginia chapter of the KKK is about “educating the true chosen children of God, shining the light of Christ to dispel darkness, ignorance and gloom.”

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Are you buying what Ancona is peddling?

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