74-Year-Old Woman Released From Prison After Serving 32 Years

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Jones is expected to be released today, Tuesday, March 25, 2014. Her children say they’re just looking forward to sitting down at the dinner table with their mother for the first time in more than three decades. I can’t help but tear up to this story. I couldn’t imagine my mother being battered and forced to take part in murder, only to be put away and miss out on my entire life because of it.

Battered women need more advocates in their corners. In the United States, women are more likely to be attacked, injured, raped or killed by a current or former male partner than all other types of assailants. It’s never as easy as just walking away.

There are four main reasons why battered women tend to not be able to get away: the police and courts offer little substantial protection, leaving is financially impossible, especially when there are children involved; and, finally, the women know, better than anyone, that he will track her down and the violence will be even worse. In fact, women who leave their batterers are statistically more likely to be killed than women who stay.

It’s a beautiful thing to see that an innocent woman like Mother Mary is able to be free years after being imprisoned in the system and in her love life. If you or someone you know is ever involved in a domestic violence situation, please know what you can do:

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