Va. Senator Compares Obamacare To ‘Tar Baby,’ Swears It’s Not Racial

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Here are other examples of Republicans pretending not to know what their use of “tar baby” really means (via The Huffington Post:

Back in 2006, then-White House Press Secretary Tony Snow deflected a question about the government collecting phone records, saying he didn’t “want to hug the tar baby of trying to comment on the program.” During the same year, then-Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) apologized for using the term to describe a troubled Boston highway tunnel project.

Ruff knew what he was doing when he said it, only these days it’s a lot harder for your ilk to get away with just throwing out racially charged language without even a nominal level of repercussions. As a southern boy, I prefer my racism delivered straight, no chaser.

So don’t invoke “tar baby” in an argument against policy pushed by a Black man and then cower when called on it. Own your bigotry. It’s the least you could do. Speaking of bigots who owned their hatred, Fred Phelps died. In honor of his life, everyone go have gay sex in his memory. And if you want to include the Frank Ruffs of the world in your celebration, do it with a Black person.

Until the next racist, y’all.


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