Luckie’s Quick Tips: Healthy Popcorn, Squats & Sleeping Better

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  • Luckie’s Food of the Week: Popcorn


    • Taste great

    • High in fiber, which assists with satiety

    • Great snack between meals

    • Light bedtime snack

    How to Prepare: Pour canola oil in 3-qtr. pot/sauce pan. Allow oil to heat at low/medium flame. Put a few whole grain kernels in pot. Once kernels pop, add more to pot and cover. Move pot back/forth across burner. Add sea salt. I’d recommend iodized sea salt, which promotes thyroid health.

    Luckie’s Exercise of the Week- Bodyweight Squats


    • Tones leg and glute muscles
    • Burns calories – Leg muscles are the largest of the body and muscle burns calories.

    How to Do: Stand with feet at shoulder’s width with knees slightly bent. Place hands on side of head and contract abs. This is the starting position. squat A

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