Woman Charged With Manslaughter After Butt Injection Gone Horribly Wrong

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It took three months before Blaine’s death was ruled a homicide. According to the medical examiner, “the silicone went into her veins, asphyxiating her and causing her to lose consciousness very quickly.” It’s obvious Mobley had no idea what she was doing. I would assume that these injections need to go either directly into the fat or the muscle of the butt and if you’re unlicensed, or better yet, have no medical trainer whatsoever, you’re giving blind injections.

It’s crazy that women are willing to DIY something so invasive. There’s people who die on hospital operating tables, so there’s no way I would ever want a home hairdresser and makeup artist (because that’s what a beautician is) to inject my body with foreign materials. The desire for larger-than-necessary curves is a very real thing in our culture and it seems like we’re hearing about a new tragic butt injection story on a daily. What’s going on in the minds of young insecure women who are willing to do anything for curves?!

Talk about the pressure of being a Black woman without the proverbial curves we’re expected to have!


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