What Will It Take To Connect Blacks With Growing Technology Field?

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“The paths of tech are not just one-sided, there’s design and technical and digital interests in these young minds and we have to provide eye opening experiences for them. We need to turn that curiosity into a habit and then into a real interest from the start,” said Pryor.

Pryor says that MVMT50 and other like-minded organizations have to step up and provide clear learning opportunities for interested Black youth and adults in a cost-effective way for everyone. She says that by aligning with corporate sponsors, donors and volunteers, MVMT50 could eventually expand to even greater levels.

“We want people getting involved in digital marketing, to be developers, to get involved in the creative industry — period. There’s so much more to do and calling it tech doesn’t nearly cover it all. We have to do a better job in educating the public on the layers that exist in the digital space, “ said Pryor.

This past weekend, MVMT50 invited guest and celebrity speakers who conducted a series of panels aimed at the audience they’re attempting to reach. Working in partnership with a variety of corporate sponsors, MVMT50 will continue to be a necessary portion of SXSW for years to come.

To learn more about MVMT50 here.

Disclosure: NewsOne’s parent company Interactive One is a sponsor of the MVMT50 events at SXSW 2014

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