Jail Looming: L&HH Atlanta Star Stevie J Misses Mandatory Child Support Court Date

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  • As we previously reported, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Stevie J had a New York judge threatening to put out an arrest warrant for him if he didn’t appear in a New York family court to answer in the case of his unpaid back child support. Project Child Support, got involved with the case  and served Stevie the subpoena in support of Carol Antoinette Bennett, who has two children with Stevie and is said to be owed $1.28 million in back child support by the Atlanta reality TV star.

    According to the paperwork, Stevie was ordered to appear in court on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 because he

     “Failed to obey the support order dated January 10, 2012.”

    He had been subpoenaed to appear and the documents from the court said,

    “This subpoena requires Steve J’s appearance or an arrest warrant can be issued by the State of New York. You may be required to furnish past and present income tax returns; employment statements; proof of health insurance available; pay stubs; corporate, business or partnership books and records; corporate and business tax returns; and receipts for expenses or such other measures of verification as the Court determines appropriate.”

    Well, according to Eben Gregory, Stevie failed to appear at the February 25th hearing and the New York State Family Court of Manhattan, may now have him arrested.

    Stevie still owes her over $1 million in child support and allegedly he hasn’t voluntarily paid her any child support in over 16 years!

    Project Child Support can now forcibly obtain information regarding Jordan’s means of income at his businesses, employment, and any and all binding contractual agreements that generate income.

    Oh oh! They are about to take it all…and he won’t be able to do a thing about it!

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