Confused White People Call “My Brother’s Keeper” Racist

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Yes, really:

It’s odd, really, that we just got through celebration of the veto of Arizona’s anti-gay legislation that would have allowed business owners to refuse service on the basis of sexual orientation – if they could show they are acting upon a sincerely held religious belief. That was Wednesday. Now on Thursday the government itself wants to exclude at-risk boys who don’t meet the racial and ethnic requirements of the program. (If it was focused on only “straight” youth, would the left be up in arms?)

I want to start an organization for the advancement of Jennifer Rubin’s brain cells. In fact, I’ll start the volunteer work now. Rock with me, Rubin.

Number one: It’s private money, not federal. Isn’t it conservatives who act like corporations are like individuals, thus deserving of First Amendment rights? Let these corps use their voices, Rubin.

Two: If you don’t like government policy that targets specific groups, why is that My Brother’s Keeper is racist and unconstitutional, but George W. Bush can waste money on a pro marriage initiative intended to boost the economic levels of poor people, who are disproportionally Black and Latino? I’ll wait.

Three: Federal dollars can be used to target specific sects of the population. Have you never heard of an educational or health study?

Four: Using money to help minorities in need is not on par with a law that would allow a majority group to openly discriminate against another.

Five: As Cory Booker argued, helping young men of color (and women, too, for the record) helps the country at large. Booker noted that ”our success as a country will depend upon a new ‘Declaration of Inter-dependence.’ A belief in how much we need each other, how much we share one common destiny.” You’d have to be less of a selfish jerk to get this, though.


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