Why Does This Viral Cartoon Praise Lupita & Trash Nicki Minaj?

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  • 1920041_605008909581805_2046567800_nCongratulations, inspirational quotes and stunning photos of a Cinderella-esque Lupita Nyong’o are still circulating around on social media after the “12 Years A Slave” actress’ epic “Best Supporting Actress” Oscar win over the weekend. Like many artists, Cut N Edge Cartoons drew inspiration from the actress’ moment of excellence and created the above graphic to show a little Black girl happily sketching her new idol…but why does the cartoon have to bash another Black woman in the process?

    The little girl has evidently snatched her photos of Barbie-loving rapper, Nicki Minaj from the wall and tossed them on the floor and in the garbage, but the image clearly forgets one of the most powerful lines from Lupita’s speech: “No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid,” the actress told audiences before floating off stage with her Oscar. Nicki’s form of origin doesn’t make her dream or supporting it any less valid that Lupita’s regal journey to her golden statue. While I understand the beauty of this drawing, I also see a flaw: the artist chose to put Nicki Minaj down in order to lift Lupita up.

    Many fans on the Cut N Edge Facebook page  praised the imagery, while others felt the way I did: why trash Nicki? The cartoon’s creator replied and said, “She trashes herself.”

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