12-Year-Old CEO’s Guide To Hiring, Firing & Being A Beauty Professional

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JT’s Mother: Getting people to know we exist is always a challenge, but there is nothing like word of mouth. We strive to be the best, and that in turn is what makes people want to tell others about us.

HB: What would you contribute your level of success to?

JT’s Mother: Faith, perseverance and endurance. In the beginning when business was slow, I thought about closing up, but it was faith that kept me believing that eventually, this business would turn around. Now we have a waiting list!

HB: Any advice for young girls who want to be like you?

JT: Just like I say in my book, “You Work It GIrl: A Tween’s Guide to Beauty, Fashion and Other Cool Stuff,” girls should begin thinking about their future now. Don’t put limits on yourself.

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