The Business Of Marriage: 3 Ways To Commit To The Right Person

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  • Treat marriage like a business. Say what? I’ve read several articles that offer advice on how to have a successful marriage and many of them offer advice that could be considered career advice–When you disagree, never insult the other person’s character, but stick to the point at hand or don’t assume anything or never give up. Hmm…

    As a young single girl, who just might want to get married, I needed to know how to treat marriage like a business, and still have it feel like a loving relationship. I reached out to Sukhjiwan Singh, married woman (35 years) and author of “Marriage and the Love Myth,” to give me the biggest pointers to a successful marriage and guess what? They refer to treating marriage like a business in order to commit your life to the right partner.

    1. Don’t ignore the parallels between business and dating/marriage.

    Just like marriages, businesses fail all the time. Both demand your best effort and resources, including an inexhaustible amount of time, dedication and, usually, as much money as you can spare. As the fate of your business or romantic relationship goes, so goes your fate. While the experiences of both are often different, both require self-awareness, sound decision-making and the willingness to give if they are to be successful. Of course, this means finding the right niche in business, or the right person for love…

    2. Follow the 80 percent rule in terms of compatibility for the “big stuff.”

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