Mattel Creates Entrepreneur Barbie To Inspire Little Girls

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I think these business women Barbies are a great contribution to toys because young girls need more to look up to than being beautiful. And honestly, it’s not only young girls that need to influence. There are grown women, like Blondie Bennett who idolize Barbie so much, she’s become her and is taking even more drastic measures to be her. Bennett, a 38-year-old woman from California has literally turned herself into a human Barbie doll through spray tans, Botox, chin liposuction to contour her face, as well as enlarging her breasts to size JJ. It’s been reported that she’s undergoing hypnotherapy to make her ‘brainless like Barbie.’ Maybe Entrepreneur Barbie will help Bennett see that there is more to being Barbie than big boobs and blonde hair. Check out Blondie Bennett below:

What do you think about Entrepreneur Barbie, yes or no?


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