The Download: 5 Must-Have Apps For An Amazing & Special Valentine’s Date Night

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  • Valentine’s Day is almost here, and while some of you simply can’t stand the sight of all-red during this time of year, some people completely embrace Valentine’s Day and all its spending splendor and are always looking for the best way to add some variety to their special day with their significant others. Thankfully, in this information age, there’s so many helpful apps to help you enjoy your unique Valentine’s Day, stress-free.

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    With these apps you can ensure you find a romantic dinner date spot, make it there on time and even keep yourself on track with your finances, without even disturbing your evening.


    1. To Help Pick The Perfect Date Spot:

    Forgot to make that dinner reservation? Open Table Mobile makes it easy for you to find open reservations at restaurants near you and also helps you avoid that argument about “always forgetting” to plan something.

    What It Is: Open Table Mobile allows you to search your favorite restaurant or any restaurants near you to make reservations with the touch of your finger.

    Why It’s Unique: All reservations are displayed in real-time, making every reservation easy without calling the restaurant. Users can also see the menu before making a reservation and can even refine their search by cuisine, pricing and availability.


    2. Make It To Dinner On Time:

    Don’t risk a great date by being late on the most romantic day of the year. This app has a number of “Waze” to make sure you’re on time to meet your date.

    What It Is: The world’s fastest growing community based traffic and navigation app, dedicated to contributing to the ‘common good’ out there on the road; acquired by Google this past summer.

    Why It’s Unique: Reports are user-generated, allowing you to alert and join other drivers in your area in sharing real time traffic and road info, saving everyone time and gas money on their commute


    3. To Decipher Your Love’s Conversation:

    Often times, we’re engaged in a conversation that may not be as authentic as the person having the conversation with you wants you to believe that it is. Moodies can tell you what your mood is in 20 seconds. All you have to do is press a button and talk.

    What It Is: Moodies has the ability to take a person’s raw vocal intonations to decode and measure a full spectrum of human emotions from a person’s speech.

    Why It’s Unique: With the press of a button, and 20 seconds later, you can easily find out if the guy or gal spouting Love Quotes your way is genuine or completely full of it.

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