COMMENTARY: Obama to GOP: Get on Board or Get Out of the Way

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  • President Barack Obama may not be interested in playing golf with Republicans. But he doesn’t mind playing hardball.

    Sitting inside the White House several hours before Obama delivered his State of the Union Address to the nation, I listened to a White House senior adviser discuss the president’s vision for moving America forward — with or without the support of Congress.

    It was uplifting to hear White House officials characterize the president as a more defiant leader who will push back against a callous Republican-controlled House. Obama, they said, intends to advance his agenda to bridge the wealth divide even if he is forced to sign executive orders to get critical legislation passed.

    Simply put, Obama is showing grit.

    “The president was never going to come to Washington to strong-arm Republicans to get them to bend to his will,” one senior administration official said, adding that some of the president’s supporters have suggested that Obama invite Republicans out for a round of golf.

    “Republicans don’t want to play golf with the president,” the adviser said. “They don’t want to work with the president, and they have told us that in every way possible.”

    “The president will not sit around waiting for Congress,” the adviser added. But, “when the president can work with Congress, he will.”

    As I focused on Obama’s advisers sharing the president’s thought process for leading the nation, Obama was huddled with speechwriters in the Oval Office putting the final touches on his fifth State of the Union Address.

    The president’s critics say Obama still doesn’t fully understand Washington politics, but on Tuesday, White House senior advisers insisted that Obama is not naïve. The president knows Republicans despise him and will block his agenda at every opportunity, but even though Obama’s first instinct is to offer an olive branch to adversaries in hopes of a compromise, he now feels enough is enough.

    The president is tired of Republican filibusters; he’s tired of the political barricades; he’s tired of the mess.

    Is the president frustrated with the Capitol Hill gridlock? Absolutely.

    But what is more frustrating for Obama, his aides contend, is when he reads letters from Americans who share heartbreaking stories about their financial struggles. As Obama reviews the letters in the evenings, he then reflects on his inability to get Congress to act on critical legislation that could help many families in need.

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    7 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: Obama to GOP: Get on Board or Get Out of the Way

    1. I have one question that I would like anyone to answer.There was a supreme court decision called the Dred Scott decision.Was it ever over turned,repealed,done away with? hOPE Someone can answer that because init ,it says that blacks have no rights a white person is bond to respect,which would explain our situation.Please,i hope someone can confirm or explain what happened to it.I can not find anything about its final resolve.

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    3. We have heard this story for the last 5 yrs about how Obama made a great speech ,and at the end of the day achieved very little. Obama was threatnening Republicans with ” Governing By Executive Orders” that have very effect on power ,and are limited in scope. President Obama succeeded in pissing off Republicans , and a lame duck president can’t afford this. Also all Democrat midterm candidates declined having Obama campaign for them why? Obama has only a 36% approval rating , and everyone is runing away from him and his extreme left wing socialist policies . Everyone wants Hillary Clinton to campaign ffor them , Obama is yesterday’s news. All Talk No Go.

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