Ted Nugent: Obama Is A ‘Chimpanzee, Subhuman Mongrel’

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Obviously, we want the opinion of an old White man who refers to Black men as chimps to tell us the best way to honor a fallen civil rights icon. What’s the best way to burn a cross without messing up the grass, Ted?

Anyhow, I suppose this is the part where I’m supposed to be enraged and get all reactionary to the amusement of racist trolls who scour the Internet looking to wage battle with an “angry Black man.” However, I don’t feel anything about Ted Nugent much less his thoughts on any issue imaginable.

I’ve been irritated before by his inflammatory remarks, but by now I understand they’re framed by a combination of stupidity and mental instability.

Nugent can be mad all he wants about the country evolving and not reflecting his point of view. I can just continue to be happy that the Ted Nugents of the world dying are slow, painful deaths. So you can make all of the racist and sexist remarks you want, Ted. Continue to be the best PSAs for both progress and birth control.

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