Lawyer: Boy Jailed in Philly Shooting Not to Blame

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“We are thankful that our students are in good condition and recovering from this unfortunate incident. We will continue to be committed to making sure that the safety of our children and staff is taken seriously inside and outside of school,” the school said in a statement.

School officials also said they were working with police and the school’s public safety team “to ensure that all safety measures are addressed.” The school has metal detectors, but officials and police have yet to say how they believe the gun was brought into the building.

An 18-year-old female student was shot in the back of her left arm, and the same bullet also struck a 17-year-old boy in the shoulder, police said. Both were treated at the Albert Einstein Medical Center. The female student was released Friday, and the boy was released Sunday.

Although police have stopped short of calling the shooting accidental, Sanita suggested it was — though he stopped short of using that word.

“Anything you’re hearing out there, this is nothing that involves anything intentional,” Sanita said. “We can make those comments right now, and that’s it.”

Police also questioned a 16-year-old boy in connection with the shooting, but he was released because the district attorney’s office declined to approve criminal charges, according to a police statement.

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