EXCLUSIVE: Doting Dad Doyin Richards On Why He’s Received So Much Hate

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D.L. Hughley and Doykin Richards also talk about D.L. being harshly criticized for allowing his daughters to sleep in his bed with him.

Listen to Doykin Richards full interview on “The D.L. Hughley Show” in the audio player, and read his HuffingtonPost Op-Ed. Hear more interesting conversations on “The D.L. Hughley Show” by listening live weekday afternoons, and listen to highlights from past shows right here.


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Originally seen on http://thedlhughleyshow.com/

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6 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Doting Dad Doyin Richards On Why He’s Received So Much Hate

  1. this man wouldn’t be in pictures if it weren’t for the biracial kids, the fact that he impregnated a woman (non-black) brings focus to him as a good dad, what about the fathers out here with “black” children, taking care of them, single black fathers, we are out here!!!! this post is a joke and the original post with him and his kids are a joke because he impregnated a white woman…

  2. Omg …I bet the hate came from these lazy females who are pissed off just because he has biracial children who beautiful I might add. They are just pissed because they are shacked up with a deadbeat dad that most likely they are supporting with their food stamps and welfare check! Brother do your thing your Daughters will love and respect you for it! This is coming from a single Mother who always worked full time to raised two children who turned out college educated ,respectful, and great adults now in their 30′s and I have 6 biracial grand babies !

  3. What is wrong with us??? Being a “good daddy” is more than paying child support or buying Jordans…; this man is doing the right thing and niggas tear him down for it…smh

  4. Some people are so full of hate that they can turn anything into a negative. The internet has allowed those people to speak and share their hateful thoughts and maintain their anonymity.

  5. This country is soooooooo F___UP, you mean to tell me people have the audacity to try to destroy a man who takes care of his children ,exhibiting behavior that a Father is suppose to show and being criticized for that. He isn’t a deadbeat dad he’s doing what he should be doing!!!! To all the people who find fault with this, should just die and go to HELL!!!!!!

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