Teacher Angered Over N.Y. Juror Form That Lists ‘Negro’ As Option

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  • Raeana Roberson

    When Raeana Roberson (pictured) appeared for jury duty at the Queens, N. Y., county courthouse on Monday, she was taken aback when she saw “Negro” as one of the options in the self-identifier portion of a court document she filled out, according to The Huffington Post.

    Roberson, who is a teacher, was angered by the antiquated term that was still found on a 21st century court document. The 25-year-old educator took a picture of the document and shared it with her Facebook friends. “REALLY, Negro …that I am not. Hello, 2014 …jury duty…,” the caption read.

    The young woman took her document and beef to a Black court employee but claims she did not get a reaction.

    Raeana Roberson

    The term “Negro,” which is used on forms across New York state, offended Roberson because it is reminiscent of the segregation struggles her grandfather was forced to endure during the Jim Crow era.

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    8 thoughts on “Teacher Angered Over N.Y. Juror Form That Lists ‘Negro’ As Option

    1. Woman get over it. There is nothing wrong with being called Negro, much better then African American, colored people or Black! Hello it’s 2014 time for people to think about how things are put into words about Negros. Tires are black and Africans are Africans.

    2. Negro: a member of any of the dark-skinned indigenous peoples of Africa and their descendants elsewhere.There as defined in the dictionary,seems to me this lady is ashamed of her ancesters.What would she have preferred colored people,jigg,coon.Please get a life and move on to bigger issues judging from her weave and straight hair she would probably wants to identify more with another race other than her own.There is nothing to be ashamed of, she is black and hence from the negro race of descendants, period,get over it

    3. Don’t we have bigger issues to confront or has she never heard of the NAACP or even know what the letters stand for – National Association for the Advancement of “Colored” People?

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