Judge OKs Pact Ending Ark. Desegregation Payments

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  • LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — A federal judge approved a settlement Monday that will allow the state of Arkansas to stop making payments to three Little Rock-area school districts to aid their desegregation efforts.

    U.S. District Judge Price Marshall signed off on the pact after hearing several hours of testimony from opponents of the deal and lawyers for the signees: the state, the districts and black schoolchildren.

    Since 1989, the state has given the Little Rock, North Little Rock and Pulaski County Special school districts more than $1 billion, total, above their regular state appropriations. The money — about $70 million this fiscal year — goes toward magnet schools and transporting students from districts where they’d be in the majority to those where they’d be in the minority.

    The state has wanted to halt the payments for years, and Marshall had scheduled a March trial to hear Attorney General Dustin McDaniel‘s lawsuit seeking the arrangement’s immediate end.

    Under the new deal, the state will continue making payments through 2017, with final-year funding earmarked for facilities.

    “The incentives are great for all of us,” McDaniel told Marshall on Monday. “We know that if litigation results in a harsh outcome (for one party or another), the true victims are the students.”

    The original lawsuit was filed in 1982 — when the Little Rock district said policies among the state and the North Little Rock and Pulaski County districts left all schools countywide with a racial imbalance. Under the 1989 settlement, the state agreed to give the districts more money but the funding never ended.

    The Little Rock and North Little Rock districts have been declared integrated; Pulaski County has been found short in several areas, including facilities.

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    5 thoughts on “Judge OKs Pact Ending Ark. Desegregation Payments

    1. Here is the real injustice…..the Little Rock 9 endured the harshest racial condition we can imagine to attend white Central High School. What they did was risk their lives and made history. Jump to modern day Central High, weaves, baggy pants, baby mama’s bumps, illiterate Ebonics, and just plain fool azz Niccas with NO concept of the plight of those before them. It is sickeningly sad how far backward we have gone. We have segregated ourselves. Anyone who dare blame this on the system or whitey is an integral part of the problem.
      The Scholar takes no joy in shining light in our closet, but it must be done if we ever hope to move forward again. I know there will be Wookies like Danika that will conviently ignore fact to promote her racist victim mentality, but the Scholar is depending on his more cerebral brothers and sisters to engage in insightful dialog.

    2. MLK would approve, judge us not by the color of our skin, but our character. We don’t need handouts.
      Holla’ at the Scholar

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