JPod Hit Of The Week: Angie White “Reliable God” [NEW MUSIC]

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    5 thoughts on “JPod Hit Of The Week: Angie White “Reliable God” [NEW MUSIC]

    1. I wish this sound was on iTunes. I keep searching for it but can’t find it. This song really touches my soul and puts me in the form of worship every time I hear it. I thank God for you and your voice. Keep ministering to souls no matter what.

    2. This song is so BEAUTIFUL!! You sound AMAZING! Your voice reminds me of Kierra Sheards Mixed with Ahjah Walls “the walls group” My 2 Favorite Artists… Love you and God Bless Sister I hope to hear more…

    3. To my niece I love you and keep the Faith you strive so hard for this also you was faithful to the Lord and held on u coulda went a different direction and u didn’t This is your Blessing and it’s will deserved and I Pray many more shall come… Thank You for Blessing my niece.. We Love keep striving for the Lord Also thanks too all supported her may God Be With For Blessing Her with this great opportunity. .

    4. Woooow Angie. Congrats…as we see also through you…God is reliable and dependable! Been waiting for the album to drop since before you could walk!! Love ya girl!

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