Gov’t: End Overly Zealous, Racially Discriminatory Discipline in Schools

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—Draw clear distinctions about the responsibilities of school security personnel.

—Provide opportunities for school security officers to develop relationships with students and parents.

The government advises schools to establish procedures on how to distinguish between disciplinary infractions appropriately handled by school officials compared with major threats to school safety. And, it encourages schools to collect and monitor data that security or police officers take to ensure nondiscrimination.

The recommendations are nonbinding.

Already, in March of last year, the Justice Department spearheaded a settlement with the Meridian, Miss., school district to end discriminatory disciplinary practices. The black students in the district were facing harsher punishment than whites for similar misbehavior.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan has acknowledged the challenge is finding the balancing act to keep school safe and orderly. But, he said that, “we need to keep students in class where they can learn.”

Research suggests the racial disparities in how students are disciplined are not explained by more frequent or more serious misbehavior by students of color, according to a letter sent to schools with the recommendations by the departments.

“For example, in our investigations, we have found cases where African-American students were disciplined more harshly and more frequently because of their race than similarly situated white students,” the letter said. “In short, racial discrimination in school discipline is a real problem.”

(AP Photo: In this July 16, 2010 file photo, Attorney General Eric Holder takes part in news conference in Miami. )

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8 thoughts on “Gov’t: End Overly Zealous, Racially Discriminatory Discipline in Schools

  1. Good Luck, until more Black Professional are employed with the school system that understand our children and give them a fair chance the racial discrimination will continued. The pipeline from school to jail keeps someone employed and it is not us.

  2. This is not racist at all If these ANIMALS would raise their children the right way you wouldn’t have this problem.How is this racist? Take some responsibility for your family and have some respect for yourselves! Stop making excuses for everything, the reason these children are THUGS is because their uneducated parents are THUGS!!!! Get a clue!!!!!!!!!

    • No Ian you and tour white barbaric people are the true ANIMALS ,who came from the caves and mountains of Europe ,who once crawled on all fours,like your first cousins the DOGS.We as responsible Black people raise our children right ,our children are not the ones going into school throughout America killing people,Ian white kids are so raise your own kids and America would be safer from WHITE ANIMALS .In closing you racist Neanderthal I regret Moses let you filthy swine eaters,and raw flesh eaters out of the caves and mountains of Europe,the world was a much safer and educated place until you ANIMALS came here,spreading your sick diseases by having sex with your first cousin the DOGS.Now go educate your self Bigot and say bow wow while you are in the process.

  3. you should be doing the same in our court rooms as well with over zealous female and male Young district attorneys that are simply taking advantage of poor and less fortunate people

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