Daycare Owner Claims Cops Were Too Busy To Show Up During Burglary

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The burglar did manage to get away and Morgan is still waiting for an officer from the DeKalb County police force to show up to survey her burglarized daycare facility. Morgan did say she received a call from an officer a day after the burglary took place who took a report via phone.

The burglar managed to break windows and doors during his robbery. Though Morgan is in the process of beefing up her security system, she is still “scared crazy” because the facility is vulnerable because of the robber’s damage.

Meanwhile WSB-TV reached out to the DeKalb County police department to discuss the allegations against them but have been unsuccessful in securing an interview with a spokesperson.

Hmmm…is there a pattern here?

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4 thoughts on “Daycare Owner Claims Cops Were Too Busy To Show Up During Burglary

  1. We can’t have it both ways Peeps. We ignore the police when they need information or assistance, see No snitchin’ / Fock the po-po culture. But when we want assistance, we expect them to be at our service. Hell Naw Peeps.
    Holla’ at the Scholar

  2. If we didn’t turn a bling eye to black on black crime, we would see less of it. We are our own worst enemies.
    Holla at the Scholar

    • That said! What would the response been if the facility was owned by a caucasien person?(yes, it is about race!!!)

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