Daycare Owner Claims Cops Were Too Busy To Show Up During Burglary

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  • morganA daycare in DeKalb County, Ga., was burglarized on Friday and the owner, Latorsha Morgan’s (pictured), says she is still waiting for the cops to show up. Morgan claims that when a call was placed to authorities during the robbery, she was informed that they couldn’t send over an officer, according to WSB-TV.

    Morgan received the startling call from her security company last Friday night that they had summoned police to her daycare because there was a burglary in progress. So naturally, the business owner assumed she would meet the officers at the scene when she arrived to inspect her facility.

    When Morgan and her family members arrived at the daycare to survey any damage, they assumed the burglars had vacated the property and police were still en route. Instead, there was no sign of police, she claims.

    Morgan did, however, notice some movement in her parked SUV and when she approached it and assumed it was the burglar, she began beating on the vehicle’s door and yelling to the suspect.

    “He kept trying to tell us to open the door, open the door. He even had his hand on the door trying to open the door,” Morgan told WSB-TV.

    During the ruckus, Morgan’s family members were frantically placing calls to 911, yet their pleas for help allegedly seemed to be falling on deaf ears.  “They’re telling my husband that they don’t have anybody. So my husband was like, ‘When are you gonna be able to send somebody out?’ They was like, ‘We don’t know,’” Morgan said.

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    4 thoughts on “Daycare Owner Claims Cops Were Too Busy To Show Up During Burglary

    1. We can’t have it both ways Peeps. We ignore the police when they need information or assistance, see No snitchin’ / Fock the po-po culture. But when we want assistance, we expect them to be at our service. Hell Naw Peeps.
      Holla’ at the Scholar

    2. If we didn’t turn a bling eye to black on black crime, we would see less of it. We are our own worst enemies.
      Holla at the Scholar

      • That said! What would the response been if the facility was owned by a caucasien person?(yes, it is about race!!!)

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