Couple Appalled By ‘Jungle Fever’ Comment Left On Stub By Valet

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“Jungle Fever” was a 1991 film directed by Spike Lee and the term is typically used in a derogatory fashion to label an interracial couple.

When the Aarons confronted the valet, he reportedly admitted to scribbling the words on the parking stub. Consequently, he was fired by the restaurant owners. The restauranteurs then called the Aarons to apologize and try to make good on the racist incident by offering them gift certificates, which they have refused, as they are now seeking the services of an attorney instead.

Meanwhile the entire incident has left the couple disillusioned, as they thought such racist practices were a thing of the past.  Samuel told My Fox Atlanta, “I was upset, but I was mainly disappointed, disappointed that this is still taking place today. 2014. Especially in the big city of Atlanta.”

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