Couple Appalled By ‘Jungle Fever’ Comment Left On Stub By Valet

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    Samuel and Kandea Aarons (pictured above), an interracial couple out for a nice dinner at an East Point-area Georgia eatery claim they were blatantly discriminated against, when a parking valet allegedly wrote, “Jungle Fever,” on their claim ticket, according to My Fox Atlanta.

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    Samuel, who is White and in the military, and his wife, Kandea, who is Black, have been together for 13 years. And according to the couple, they have never before faced racial discrimination due to their interracial union.

    After driving from their home in Columbus to Atlanta to do some shopping, the pair enjoyed seafood at Spondivits Restaurant. When they arrived at the establishment and handed over their keys to the African-American valet, the pair said the man was very cordial to them.

    When the Aarons got home and happened to look on the back of their parking stub, though, they reportedly could not believe their eyes as they read the scribbled words “Jungle Fever” (pictured above) across the ticket.

    According to Kandea, who spoke to My Fox Atlanta, “To me those words were racially motivated.”

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    8 thoughts on “Couple Appalled By ‘Jungle Fever’ Comment Left On Stub By Valet

    1. …yet the coward valet (minimum wage earner- typical nigga) did not say it to their faces….scared that white man would have had his ass! If you gon’ jump sucker-nigga- JUMP HARD!!! Run up on him and knock him out– then I’d be impressed!

    2. What a ugly couple. I can’t accept interracial relationships, especially negro/whites. Just isn’t that much forgiveness for all the pain and sorrow they have caused Negros.

      • Keebee you the ugly one with your nasty azz racism. Get to stepping’ fore I knock your stupid azz out.
        Holla’ at the Scholar

        • You must be a dropout because you can’t even spell a simple word.Your nothing to me so knock your own dumb Ass out! (azz) Really.

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    4. Feelings are a hard thing to keep to onesself. I feel the valet and the couple as well. But the reality is the divided between blacks and white is a world wide issue, not just you because you don’t like what others think of your union. There is just too much history, rapes, slavery, etc., to just think every thing is cool. It’s not.

      • BS, that’s their business. No one cares what that idiot valet thinks. Were they supposed to pass up on someone they’re obviously happy with and hook up with somebody of her own race, someone like this outstanding parking valet, to make other people happy? Get a life. Maybe if he kept his feelings to himself & focused on himself a bit more he’d be more than a parking valet. He should be fired & sued for causing the Aaron’s pain and making that restaurant look bad. People like him should be castrated. Keep your stupidity to yourself. I do not feel bad for him. I feel bad for those who have to put up with him & are affected by his BS.

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