Texas Girl Accidentally Burns Down House Playing With Fireworks [VIDEO]

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  • Rebecca Berrios, 10, was on her front porch with her siblings on New Year’s Eve when she lit fireworks that burned her entire house to the ground, reports KHOU.com

    One firework lit another, and fueled by items placed outside for a yard sale, the fire spread quickly. Not only did the home burn down, but two vehicles were destroyed as well.

    “I lost everything, but not my faith. I got my faith,” said father Marcos Berrios, who was doing work on the backyard when the blaze started.

    The entire family, including pets, were able to escape.

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    The flames ripped through the three bedrooms in minutes.

    The family of five escaped with their five Chihuahuas, but almost everything inside the home was destroyed. That includes presents that were opened a week ago from Christmas.

    Two minivans parked outside were also ruined.

    “It’s just a house. The important thing is we’re all safe together,” said 13-year-old Lesly Berrios.

    Originally seen on http://newsone.com/

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