Producer and label exec Jermaine Dupri was hanging out with some friends in Miami last night when things got a little sticky icky with the local police.

According to TMZ, cops pulled over the vehicle Dupri was riding in for having window tints that were too dark. Upon inspection of the car cops smelled marijuana, but a search turned up no weed in anyone’s possession. However, they found one single Xanax pill in a plastic container, inside the pocket of one of the passengers.

This was enough to make the cops call in the K-9 unit to sniff out the car for more drugs, but nothing turned up. The man with Xanax even went home to bring back a prescription as proof that he was allowed to have it.

Afterward Dupri tweeted about the incident seemingly unfazed. “Somebody pls call tmz. 5 police cars just pulled us over cause @tizzad @mrmauricio @yesjulz and @nickltlgot the car smelling like snoop dogg,oh shit !!they just hand cuffed @mrmauricio cause they found a Xanax OMG!!!! Lol his is a movie.”

Which one? “The Hangover 4″?


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