Girl’s Family Spending Holiday at Hospital

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Grillo based his decision on the conclusions of two doctors, court-appointed Dr. Paul Fisher of Stanford University and the hospital’s Dr. Robin Shanahan.

Fisher examined the girl for several hours on Monday and reported to the judge Tuesday that the teen was brain dead, the same conclusion Shanahan reached.

Grillo said he had no other choice but to allow the hospital to remove the ventilator.

“I wish I could fix it, but I can’t,” he said.

The hospital had argued that the teen had no chance of recovery since all brain function had ceased.

“Our sincere hope is that the family finds peace and can come to grips with the judge’s decision,” hospital attorney Doug Strauss said outside court after Grillo’s ruling.

The case is now out of Grillo’s court and the decision will be up to the California Court of Appeal if the family decides to pursue its legal case to keep Jahi on the ventilator.

(AP Photo: Nailah Winkfield, mother of Jahi McMath, attends a court hearing to discuss the treatment of her daughter in Oakland, Calif., on Monday, Dec. 23, 2013.)

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4 thoughts on “Girl’s Family Spending Holiday at Hospital

  1. Before removing her from life support, they need to start to investigate why she was allowed to or why she bled to death. In an environment with collective racism and ongoing health disparities related to racism as is prejudice would could have been the deadly factor in this case, finding an “unbiased second opinion’ maybe unlikely to do. Obviously we can’t know all of the details except that which the family provides and what the media exposes or will be allowed to expose. My prayers with the utmost empathy go out to the family.

  2. i’m going to say this and be viewed as being mean…..i think its more to this than their telling …she was probably having complications and either no one is telling the truth or they didnt find out until her surgery…..Let her go so she can be at peace

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