Porsha’s ‘Underground Railroad’ Mistake is a Failure of the Education System

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  • Somehow Porsha Stewart – a granddaughter of late civil rights leader Hosea Williams – got to the age of 32 believing that the Underground Railroad was an actual train.

    On Sunday night’s episode of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the ladies took a trip to Savannah, where they embarked upon a Freedom Trail tour, visiting a landmark church that was used as part of the Underground Railroad during the pre-Civil War era.

    The tour guide explained that the holes in the floor were used for ventilation as people would pass under the church in a small four foot area of crawl space, which had Stewart puzzled. (Watch after the jump.)

    “Well there has to be an opening for the railroad at some point because somebody’s driving the train,” Porsha said. “It’s not electric like what we have now,” she added.

    “It wasn’t a train, baby,” Phaedra Parks explained as Stewart’s costars stood in shock. “That was just a euphemism, baby.”

    “It wasn’t a train at all,” Parks continued as Kandi Burruss tried to help clear up Porsha’s confusion.

    “Just a railroad,” Stewart said, now thinking it was train tracks. “Oh, I’m thinking it was like widespread.”

    While Phaedra and Kandi simply tried to educate Porsha, the rest of the ladies had their own thoughts to share on Stewart’s headline-making flub.

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    21 thoughts on “Porsha’s ‘Underground Railroad’ Mistake is a Failure of the Education System

    1. I am not surprise that Porsha was not familiar with Black History. She is not the only African American in this county who does not know it Black History. We as African American people should not be mocking her because of her non-knowledge about our history. We should be educating her as Kandi and Phaedra did, and the education of Black History begins at home, school, church, in the media, and the community.

      • The other women were TRYING to educate her, but while watching the video, it was VERY apparent that she was not listening. The women made other attempts, but she REFUSED to be quiet and just listen. I was not embarrassed that she did not know, but that she would not be quiet and listen.

    2. A lot African Americans don’t know what amendment freed the slaves or what is the Emancipation Proclamation. We as a race of people don’t have a clue on the Civil Rights and what president signed it into affect. I as a college graduate and a Registered Nurse was never taught about the Underground Railroad or abolition in college nor high school. As I got older I started researching our heritage when I saw Roots and movies like the Help, when I started to educated myself because our school will never tell you your history as a race of people.

    3. Her comment displays why she nor the show should be on television. For all of those saying it is just a tv show television is called programming for a reason. These negative images are broadcast all over the world and worse than that influence the thinking of the children growing up because we all know many parents are not supervising their children’s tv habits. If tv and music is so harmless then explain to me how we raised a generation of fake thugs and little sistas that adore the white female standard of beauty(lil kim, nicki minaj) not even 50 years after civil rights? Programing at its finest.

    4. Porsha’s family failed her more then any educational system. We know that we are not going to get the truth from our schools on black history, but it is up to our parents to give us our history before we even start going to school. For the 1st time, I agree with Kenya on what she said on here blog about the incident.

    5. At some point we have lost our way when a black American have no knowledge of the underground railroad. And it is terrifying when that black American is from a strong Civil Right
      Family. The old saying still applies, it Takes a Village to Raise a Child.

    6. Porsha’s comment not only is a reflection of the failure of our school system (remember priority topics of the schools weren’t to highlight the prejudice & hatred which drove the society at that time), but the failure of us as parents to reinforce & instill in our future generations (our children) the truth and our position in that truth. We have failed when we can be seen in a prestigious position in the eyes of the world but not know a basic fact like the underground railroad and the passage utilized to assist in that escape. We still have much work to do. Ealorise Holmes

    7. How can you be black in America and not know about the Underground Railroad. And to be the granddaughter of a civil rights activist? I think she was playing dumb for the camara, either way… not cute.

    8. This article says the Education System” failed her. Thats ia bunch of Baloney. She failed herself. Porscha is just a stupid female like most of the peole who represnet this programming.. Laat week she called Kordell all out of his name and women were defending her. Well, defned this nonsense.
      She should have just kept her mouth shut if she didnt know the answer. Now, everyone knows ( except her diehard lackey fans) just how insanely dumb she really is

      • Ola: I’m not remotely defending Porsha because she should definitely be privy about the underground railroad. The only one that should be embarrassed in this situation is Porsha; but lots of young pople even in their 30s, and 40s aren’t familiar with a lot of civil rights struggles over the years. As for the show….it’ strictly ENTERTAINMENT not to be taken seriously on any level. It’s no different than lot of othr shows that are on TV….some people like them, and some people don’t.

    9. BLK AMERICA;has truly lost there history.there reality.there mind.very uneducated.as a hole must start over with the holy bible an stay there forget what WHITE AMERICA;is doing.truth be told they have left the train station an BLK AMERICA;still at the train station

    10. I never agree with Kenya but on this one I think she got it right. I didn’t see the episode but am glad I didn’t because I would feel so embarrassed for her and her family if this is the kind of role model our young girls (and boys) have to look up to our country is in serious shape. Lets stop asking what our country can do for us (all these free hand outs) and start asking what we can do for our country and better educate our children.

    11. The educational system did not fail her. Her family failed her. Some events are introduced and learned informally. People need to spend more time reading and researching rather than speculating and guessing.

    12. She failed herself. You don’t have to go to the library anymore, you can go on the internet to access information. You can go to school online. You could expose yourself by vacationing, or visiting new locations. She personally has decided to stay in the dark.

    13. This why I don’t watch this show or any like it. Why would you put this child down for her misunderstanding when the rest of these ladies do not know any more than she doess. I bet if you ask them who Nat Turner was not one could explain why he was and still is an important part of our history. As a matter of fact I have yet to here of any of these women acknowledge past Black activist. That because they are to much into themselves, like Nene, what a foolish person.

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