Mary Mary’s Erica Campbell Responds to Her ‘Holy Moly’ Dress Controversy

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  • It seems like yesterday when Erica Campbell raised eyebrows in the Christian community with a photo of herself on her Instagram page.

    A week after the photo was posted and the reaction that followed, the Mary Mary signer is speaking out on the situation. In her view the picture was nothing more than a beautiful image of someone who is proud of the way she looks.

    “I’m taking it in stride and I’m keeping it moving,” Campbell shared with “When we took the picture I felt beautiful, I felt confident, I felt sexy and I felt strong.”

    “I thought I looked cute,” she added jokingly, “but it obviously offended some people, which was never my intention.”

    Campbell’s photo features the vocalist wearing a figure-hugging white dress that shows off her curves. Among the people in Campbell’s corner is her husband, who she first sent the photo to, and her family, who never wavered in their support

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    8 thoughts on “Mary Mary’s Erica Campbell Responds to Her ‘Holy Moly’ Dress Controversy

    1. Fack Christians always have something negative to say about someone else. a real Christian will have something negative but will immediately back that up with something positive and will always put it in a loving manner rather than putting out negative energy

    2. Ericka! You are absolutely gorgeous as usual! Don’t sweat the trivial stuff! And you have had more than one child! Let them talk! Beautiful pic!!!!!

    3. I understand a woman wanting to feel sexy cause we all do, I just don’t know what that have to do with the gospel of Jesus Christ. A cover like that takes all the attention off what’s inside the album and puts it on Erica!! God don’t care about ur curves. He wants his message out there and got lives to be impacted and souls saved. Erica should no better and stop trying to keep up with all the sexiness that sells in other genre of music. And a form fitting dress don’t make u sexy. U can wear a paper bag and be sexy so I don’t understand why she is so hung up on showing young people that she can love Jesus and be sexy too…who cares! Just be the vessel and do what ur called to do!!!

    4. Erica “looking cute” or”gorgeous” is really not the issue. The issue is the blatant contradictions that we see from people of faith, particulary public and celebrity figures. There are obvious inconsistencies and people have a right to call them out on them. It’s disengenuous for her to pretend to be naïve about her intentions behind her wardrobe choices; it’s an insult to people’s intelligence.

      • Can we make a pact to use the word “hater” only when it makes sense to. The only people that would “hate” on a dress are those that have nothing else in life to aspire to. Free your mind and the rest will follow…..

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