Attorney Mark O’Mara in the Hot Seat For Zimmerman Fundraising

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  • ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — The attorney who helped get George Zimmerman acquitted of murder charges said Tuesday that he expects an ethics inquiry opened by the Florida Bar will find nothing wrong in how he handled a defense fund and social media during the case.

    Mark O’Mara said on his website that the inquiry was opened before the trial when his office contacted the bar for advice on how it should go about managing the fund and website it set up to assist it in Zimmerman’s second-degree murder case in the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

    The issue was deferred until after the trial and O’Mara said he is “certain that matter will be closed shortly, and that the conclusion will suggest that we handled these new and novel approaches in an appropriate and ethical way.”

    Florida bar spokeswoman Francine Walker said in an email that the complaint was at the “staff investigation level” and that she couldn’t provide further information due to confidentiality rules.

    O’Mara said everything his office did regarding the defense fund and on social media was transparent from the start.

    “The Florida Bar opened an inquiry, which included very specific questions regarding our policies for each and how we were conducting ourselves,” O’Mara said in the statement. “We responded promptly and to The Florida Bar’s satisfaction, and the entire matter was deferred until after the trial. Although no further action has been taken since the verdict, the file has remained open.”

    Of more than 7,000 files opened this year by the Florida bar looking into attorneys’ conduct, roughly 200 have led to discipline.

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    5 thoughts on “Attorney Mark O’Mara in the Hot Seat For Zimmerman Fundraising

    1. FYI.
      To anyone who would respond to JanCorey on this post. Just delete this post and dont even waste your time. He lives and breathes for coming on these posts and spew racial hatred and rhetoric on behalf of the Koch brothers, Sarah Palin and the Racist Tea Party for whom he works.and is paid.
      He scours various websites in search of minority issues for the sole purpose of division, indifference, bigotry, anymosity and hatred. Why he uses the wounded warrior logo escapes me. He is wounded but he is no warrior, it is his head thatr is wounded. A warrior would never, ever be so obviously a bigot This is a post there is no need for anyone to respond to. So when you see his name ( JanCorey) just skip the post and ifnd another more pleasant to discuss.
      Have a great day everyone.

    2. Mark O’Mara is in no trouble at all, he and George Zimmerman are both heroes for standing up to a corrupt and incompetent judicial system.

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