ANALYSIS: Racial Insensitivity in the Classroom Has to Stop

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Kelly back-pedaled under pressure from management at Fox News and claimed her comments were “tongue-in-cheek” and said the controversy was a result of “race-baiting” by critics.

However, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, who defended Kelly, said her comments were not about race. “The spirit of Santa transcends all racial boundaries,” he said.


If the spirit of Santa Claus transcends all racial boundaries, then why didn’t Kelly say Santa was bi-racial? Or multi-ethnic? Kelly was specific: She said Santa was “white.” That doesn’t sound like transcending any racial boundaries to me.

And what would O’Reilly say if told Santa was black?

Meanwhile, in New Mexico, a school official released a statement saying the teacher made a dumb blunder – but made no mention of race.

“This situation involves a teacher recently hired by Cleveland High who made – and admits he made – a stupid mistake. The remark was inappropriate and should not have been made,” said Kim Vesely, Director of Parent, Community, and Staff Engagement for Rio Rancho Public Schools.

But Rougier said he’s tired of racial insensitivity in the classroom.

“If it’s not for parents like me in interracial families to stand up and say it’s time to stop this, it’s time to stop,” Rougier said. “I have to fight for my boys.”

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2 thoughts on “ANALYSIS: Racial Insensitivity in the Classroom Has to Stop

  1. As a school administrator, your topic is relevant and very important to address. In our diverse society and schools we must teach tolerance and respect ethnicity, gender and religious beliefs. All educators should be held to those simple standards.

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