Subway Vigilante Fighting Pot Charge

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Goetz wore all black to the court appearance, save for a “Love Animals. Don’t eat them” pin. He said he thought the arresting officer would not have been aggressive if he were a vegetarian.

He said he was in the park Nov. 1 feeding the squirrels when he met a woman and the two talked about getting high together, so he went to his nearby home and got some marijuana.

“She said she had to go,” he said. So he broke off a chunk of pot for her, and said she could take it, he said. She insisted on paying him, he recalled.

“After the third time, she said, ‘No I’d rather pay for it,’” he said. “And I said OK.”

She gave him $40, he gave her back $10 and then was arrested, he said.

Goetz’s lawyer had no comment, and advised him not to talk to reporters. He said he would push for a trial date.

“Either dismiss it, or let’s take it to trial and let a jury decide,” Goetz said.

(Photo: AP)

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