SAfrica: Fake Signer Says He Interpreted For Years

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South African government officials have not said how long the investigation into Jantjie, and whether he received security clearance, will take.

The ANC has said it had no role in hiring Jantjie for the memorial, but has acknowledged using him at events in the past.

Four government departments involved in organizing the memorial service have also distanced themselves from Jantjie, telling the AP they had no contact with him. A fifth government agency, the Department of Public Works, declined to comment and referred all inquiries about Jantjie to the office of South Africa’s top government spokeswoman, who has only said a “comprehensive report” will eventually be released.

Jantjie has admitted to a history of mental problems and “violent episodes” in the past and that he had been a patient in a psychiatric institution for more than a year. He was discharged and started working after being medicated and monitored by doctors.

After the memorial at FNB Stadium in Soweto on Tuesday, Jantjie told various media outlets he had suffered a schizophrenic episode in which he had seen angels, and that he had panicked when he realized he was surrounded by armed police.

(Photo: AP)


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