Sen. Marco Rubio Enrolls Family In Obamacare With A Discount

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In addition to the subsidy, Rubio and other federal employees got to pick from far more plans than ordinary people and had access to special customer service to ease their sign ups.

“Senator Rubio is following the law, even though he opposes it,” Sammon said.

He may be following the law, but it is a law that he was trying to defund because it would do so much “harm” to the American people. And, no, the federal subsidy is not mandatory.

As recently as last month, Rubio had this to say in a Wall Street Journal op-ed:

“My Republican colleagues and I have endeavored to find ways to protect Americans from ObamaCare—as patients, taxpayers, consumers and workers. But it is becoming increasingly clear that these efforts can only mitigate some of ObamaCare’s damage, not avoid it entirely.

As policy makers, we must focus on making health care more affordable and accessible for all Americans. Repealing ObamaCare will be a necessary step if we are to replace it with reforms that will actually accomplish these goals. Meanwhile, we owe it to the American people to protect them from another taxpayer-funded bailout.”

Oh, what a difference a month makes.

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