Woman Trapped In Workplace Bathroom For 8 Hours Chisels Way To Freedom

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Perrin began to utilize the rod to chisel her way through the bathroom wall near the door, using the 1994 prison escape film “Shawshank Redemption” as inspiration. Two hours had passed and Perrin was still digging her way through the tile, dry wall, and insulation until she was able to create a hole large enough to get her arm through so she could wiggle the handle of the door. Finally, Perrin was able to get the bathroom door opened!

“I came undone,” Perrin admitted to ABC News. “I was crying.  I felt like I was escaping a bad dream, like when you have a nightmare and you wake up and your heart is pounding and you realize, ‘Oh, I was just dreaming. Did that just happen. Am I OK?’”

As soon as she sprung herself free, Perrin contacted her husband and daughter to let them know of her ordeal.

Now Perrin is resting comfortably at home nursing a few scrapes and bruises but ecstatic that she was able to escape her tomb.

As to why the bathroom door would not open, that’s still a mystery.

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