Mom Earns College Degree To Honor Slain Teen Son

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  • Michela Duplechain was wallowing in grief over the death of her 14-year-old son, Anthony, and feeling as though she no longer had purpose before she made the decision to turn her life around. Now five years after her son’s untimely death at the hands of her own husband, Duplechain has earned a college degree from Clayton State College in order to honor her son, according to WSB-TV.


    Duplechain, a barbershop owner, reportedly dated Reggie Hines for more than a year, even though Hines was verbally and physically abusive. Believing that she could change him, Duplechain married him.

    Two months in to the marriage, the Coweta County, Ga., Mom was reportedly moving out some furniture from her home to give to a relative when Hines pulled up in his car. Hines allegedly assumed that Duplechain was leaving him, so he became violent and began shooting his gun.

    Missing Duplechain, Hines struck her only child, Anthony, killing him.

    Hines then turned the gun on himself.

    The murder/suicide left Duplechain in a dark place.  She became depressed and thought that her life was over. Duplechain told WSB-TV,  ”I couldn’t understand how I was going to survive. I just felt like life was over – no purpose, nothing,” laments the Mom.

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    3 thoughts on “Mom Earns College Degree To Honor Slain Teen Son

    1. Black on black on black crime. Why wasn’t there any outcry in our communities about this? Oh yeah, no whites to direct our racism at… My bad.

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