UPDATED: South Carolina Sheriff Refuses To Lower Flag To Honor Mandela

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But the real kicker? One commenter said that Mandela would support Clark’s decision because he was doing what he felt was right.

Only in America.

As previously reported by NewsOne, the United States didn’t remove Mandela from its terrorist list until 2008.

Clark’s actions and those of his supporters prove that White supremacy and privilege—and illusions of American exceptionalism—are alive and well in South Carolina.

UPDATE: 12/7/13, 1:11 PM ET

Pickens deleted his disrespectful comment about Mandela, and replaced it with the following:

Rick Clark

In an interview with the GreenvilleOnline.com, Pickens doubled-downed on his refusal to lower the flag to half-staff, saying it “weakens what the honor means for Americans who have died for their country.”

Responding to a question about the support that he had received for his original Facebook announcement, Pickens praised the citizens of Pickens County: “I think Pickens County is God-loving and military-loving people, and they’ve just been real supportive.”

While Pickens seems to believe that the “cycle” is over, the local chapter of the NAACP might have something to say about that:

“I expect for him to follow proper protocol and fly the flag at half-staff because that’s the respect I would like to give Nelson Mandela as a citizen of Pickens County,” said Sheila Crawford, President of the Pickens County Chapter of the NAACP.

As we previously reported, Pickens plans to ignore President Obama’s orders and raise the flag tomorrow after observing the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

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4 thoughts on “UPDATED: South Carolina Sheriff Refuses To Lower Flag To Honor Mandela

  1. 500+years from now people will still know and speak of Mandela, they will do so with pride, honor affection and respect, because as it was said “he is a man for the ages” and now belongs to history.
    Five minutes after this cornball, ignorant individual had passed on know one other than a family member, will know or even remember his name or what he look liked.

  2. A Hick town sheriff with obvious narrowminded ideas. No respect for the commander in cheif, elected by amajority. I guess if the good sheriff was being attacked by a foreign power he would want the full weight of the federal government to bail him ot. People are just haters.

  3. Let’s face it. If president Obama said that the sun rose in the east and set in the west, people like this man would disagree .

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