South Carolina Sheriff Refuses to Lower Flag for Nelson Mandela

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Clark pointed out Obama’s order was a proclamation and does not have the force of law. He said he would have made the same decision if he was in office in 2005, when President George W. Bush ordered flags flown at half-staff after the death of Pope John Paul II.

Clark became sheriff this year.

Pickens County officials said while Clark is free to do what he wants to do with the flag outside the sheriff’s office, American flags at other county offices will remain at half-staff to honor Mandela.

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20 thoughts on “South Carolina Sheriff Refuses to Lower Flag for Nelson Mandela

  1. I respect Sherriff Clark as the most honest white Confederate alive in S.C. He really only respects the confederate flag as the flag to be lowered when he expires. He really hates every day to raise the U.S. Flag,
    So let’s not be upset, Clark can only re act as he has been culturally programmed. Thank God Mandela did not serve time in Clark’s jail

  2. He bombed civilian targets. His wife innovated “necklacing”. He sings about killing the white man on YouTube. Those are good reasons to not honor him

  3. So why didn’t the president order flags flown at half staff for Margaret Thatcher? Should we cry racism? Why not? It works both ways…

  4. Nelson Mandela was a great man. Made a few mistakes, like most of us, but was certainly an icon and example for postive change. But how can anyone cry “racism” when they’re posting to a website labeled “”? We only become a post racial society when you no longer need to black websites, black history months, black entertainment channels, etc. Just sayin’.

    • Then go over to the KKK and the White Supremacy or even White American website and tell them the same thing or how about Hispanic or Latino… What about Jewish websites? Hey, how about Amish website? Its not about race because we decided to call it Black American Web or BET, its because we are a unique people. We never said only blacks can going on this site or only blacks people can watch BET… How else will Justin Beiber learn to dance (I’m just kidding about that).

  5. The person who said Jesus wasn’t an American and we celebrate his birthday.. sure but we don’t lower the US flag at half staff over the Lord either. We also never have honored a Marxist Communist in that fashion before which Mandela was till his last breath.. He was a fervent admirer and friend to Castro.. That is historical fact.

  6. I can’t believe I just moved to sc. Great! What a Racist sheriff! I hope he isn’t behind the kkk.

    So far everyone here is a backwoods, cousin kissing redneck. I’m sure he’s no different.
    Can’t wait to leave this miserable state!

    Some sheriff! No compassion for someone who made a difference and a mark in history! Shame on you redneck sheriff.

  7. Why do we even entertain this kind of action by commenting on his behavior. Lowering the American flag is just a sign of respect and shouldn’t just be for Americans. It should be for anyone who has done anything to support what America is supposed to be all about – fighting for freedom, equality & justice for all human beings. There are enough of us who honor Mr. Mandela to compensate for Sheriff Clark’s lack of respect for our POTUS & Mr. Mandela

  8. Maybe this sheriff is a KKK behind a badge, regardless Mandela is Honored by all.. this sheriff is just a__.. HE may not get the flaggs lowered when he dies

  9. no feeling about it whatsoever! However, the lowering of the flag a gesture of respect for an individual whose lifes’ work for the fight for equality for his people has been recognized as a symbol of peace and hope for many across the globe.

    That said, it is very difficult to leave racial bias out of the conversation. We are talking about SC, one of the many southern states with a reputation for racial discrimination and hostility. This is definitely racially motivated because the racists are very good at finding some “technically acceptable” excuse for their racially-motivated actions. We have to remember that the laws of this country were written to benefit the wealthy and the white. If Mandela was white, would they have acted in the same way?

    In the end, it just doesn’t matter about them choosing not to show any respect towards this individual, but to me, it shows how much farther we still have to go in this country for racial equality.

  10. Their are a lot of people who feel that lowering the flag should only be for Americans. The cop isn’t the only one.

    How do you feel about it? And keep your racist comments out of it.

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