Porsha Williams Refuses To Sign Kordell Stewart’s Confidentiality Agreement

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  • Porsha Williams and Kordell Stewart’s divorce was officially finalized last week. But before all of the T’s were crossed and the I’s were dotted, TMZ learned that the former NFL star tried to force his estranged wife into keeping her mouth shut.

    According to reports, Kordell presented the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star with a confidentiality agreement back in April. The documents, obtained by TMZ, asked Porsha to keep all matters of their marriage private, however she refused to sign!

    But Porsha — probably knowing if she didn’t talk about Kordell, she would lose screen time (and possibly her role on the show) — refused to sign the document … and turned up the Kordell-bashing to an all-time high. During the show, she even implied he was secretly gay.

    During an interview with the celebrity news site, the reality star said her new single “life is great.”

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    2 thoughts on “Porsha Williams Refuses To Sign Kordell Stewart’s Confidentiality Agreement

    1. It always comes down to money for some people huhh?? This says a lot about Porcha. Aren’t these confidentiality agreements common in high profile divorces? How often do you hear of someone NOT wanting to sign? When was the last time you heard that a person would not sign? I want to say NOT NEVER!! I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong. Porcha will end up like Evelyn Lozado, she will eventually get with some other high profile guy and go one once she has sucked out all of the face time and money out of this situation.

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