Jury Hears Ex-Cop Charged in Deadly La. Shooting

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Fishman showed Warren the rifle he used to shoot Glover from a distance of about 60 feet.

“You looked through this scope?” he asked. “You located your target?”

“It was an instantaneous type thing,” Warren said. “It was a very quick shot.”

Fishman pressed Warren to explain when a police officer is authorized to shoot at somebody.

“You can’t shoot someone for stealing,” Fishman said.

“Correct,” said Warren, who was a rookie officer at the time of the shooting.

Last week, jurors heard testimony from former officer Alec Brown, who said Warren told him shortly after the shooting that he believed looters were “animals” who deserved to be shot. Warren denied saying that.

“That’s not how I speak,” Warren said, adding that he knew many people desperately needed food and water to survive after the storm.

Earlier on the same morning as Glover’s shooting, Warren had fired what he called a “warning shot” at a man who had been riding a bike near the mall. Warren said he knew officers aren’t allowed to fire warning shots, but was worried the man intended to do “something stupid” because he had circled the mall several times.

“This was Katrina,” Warren said. “It was an extraordinary event in terms of the types of issues we were dealing with.”

U.S. District Judge Lance Africk told jurors he expects them to begin deliberating on Tuesday, a week after the retrial started. Prosecutors finished presenting their case against Warren last Thursday.

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