Woman Sentenced To 5 Years For Hair Weave Theft

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  • Yvonne Williams was sentenced to five years in prison on Monday, after she and two other women attempted to steal $800 in hair weaves from a beauty supply store in Montgomery County, Md., last September and used her baby as part of the attack, according to NBC News 4.

    The entire robbery attempt, which was captured by the store’s security video camera, depicted Williams and two accomplices wildly ransacking the store. Williams is seen attacking the owner and forcefully trying to grab her cell phone.

    As the two other women flee the store, 19-year-old Williams tries to ward off the 60-plus-year-old store owner by positioning her baby stroller — with the baby still in it — in front of her.  During the fracas, the infant is seen flying out the carriage and landing on the ground hitting her head.

    Despite her child’s fall, Williams continues to battle the store owner, throwing punches and striking her with her own shoe and kicking her.

    Even though Williams is twice the size of the store owner, the petite clerk continued to fight her off. The battle, which then spilled on to the sidewalk outside of the store, eventually fizzles out.

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    5 thoughts on “Woman Sentenced To 5 Years For Hair Weave Theft

    1. Stupid wildass black hoes at it again! Over some whitefolks hair. Nevermind your damn baby is in the stroller PROTECT THE WEAVE!!! LMAO…those dumbasses with her should do to jail too!

    2. Tatiana, get your hood azz to steppin’ , damm fools like you poss me off. This is why Renisha McBride got shot in the face. This how how the world views black women, and you know what, it’s true.

      • I Hope you mean it’s not enough time! That baby could have been killed. The whole incident is outrageous and inexcusable. She not only needs jail time, she needs serious mental counseling.

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