Sick Right-Winger Caught Photoshopping President In Inappropriate Pose With Daughter

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Diaz tries to explain the difference in Sasha’s height by suggesting that “maybe she went down a step.” The only problem is that if you measure Sasha’s legs, arms, and midsection, these areas completely change in proportion, from one image to the next. President Obama’s arm also becomes miraculously longer in Diaz’s photo-shopped picture. So does his tie… The easiest way to tell that the image has been doctored, without even measuring the key points, is just to note how much the photo-shopped picture blurs in certain areas, especially around Sasha.

Diaz, who writes a popular blog, Libtards, has throngs of followers and many of them even lambasted him for doctoring the Obama photo and implying molestation.

Obama has been subjected to blatant ridicule and disrespect since he took office and is likely the most-disrespected president in the history of our country.

Diaz’s abhorrence for Obama has sunk to a shocking level of utter depravity with his fake photo, and hopefully, his “followers” will see him as one of the dregs of society whom they should disassociate themselves from asap!


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15 thoughts on “Sick Right-Winger Caught Photoshopping President In Inappropriate Pose With Daughter

  1. This Diaz is really a Sic Person who probably dabble in child pono.. he should be investergated is that him posted above article .. that picture looks like that Actor who starred in a few of the Clint Eastwoods Spagetti westerns named Eli Wallace

  2. I bet this Diaz clown works as a photographer for grade school picture day. According to his pic the Presidents arm looks detatched. Not natural at all. Hispanics — nuff said

  3. It’s Bulls&%t pieces of lowlifes like this that give conservatism a bad name
    hopefully this person is shunned and discredited into obscurity , I may not agree
    with Obamas policy’s but I would NEVER stoop to something like this

    • Obama’s policies, not Obamas policy’s. The apostrophe shows possesion. I don’t the the policies are in possesion of anything…IJS. It’s good to know that you find the picture disgusting though.

    • Debbie, I implore you to watch the movie, “The Blind Side”, a true story that will give you some perspective so that you can cease this self destructive hate for white people that you harbor. Do it for yourself and your family, please.

      • Jiggy5 Huh? We must be reading a different post but Debbie never said White people She said these people . As in nuts that go through so much to belittle this President . I think you have a guilt problem that you should have looked at by a professional .

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