Woman Found Stabbed To Death After Posting Facebook Warning, Ex-Boyfriend Arrested

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  • Less than one week after Michelle Rowling, 25, of East Saint Louis, posted a cryptic Facebook status alluding to her death, she was found fatally stabbed in her apartment and her newly paroled ex-boyfriend, Montrell Cooper, 25,  has been arrested in connection with the crime, reports The Belleville News Democrat.

    “So, if anything happens to me tonight just let my kids know I loved them dearly and tell my momma I love her,”  Rowling posted on Nov. 25 at 9:49 p.m.

    On Dec. 1, East Saint Louis police responded to a disturbance call at approximately 9:00 p.m. and discovered the young mother of two stabbed several times on the floor of her apartment, reports KSDK.com.

    She was rushed to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

    In response to concerned friends commenting on her Facebook status, Rowling would share no details other than she had received horrible news. That news was that Cooper had been released from jail where he had been serving time since assaulting Rowling in August, said St. Clair County State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly.

    “From what I understand from others in jail with him that was his word, he was going to kill her,” said Rowling’s grandmother Diane Simmons.

    The August incident was not Cooper’s first time assaulting Rowling.

    In 2012, he served a year in jail for stabbing her in the neck; upon his release, he assaulted her again.

    Rowling testified on Cooper’s behalf in the 2012 incident, so he received probation. In a court appearance on Monday, Cooper was released again after Rowling allegedly refused to testify against him.

    “We often move forward with charges even when victims are not cooperative, hoping that if they see us standing up for them, they will stand up for themselves,” said Kelly, who had pushed for prison time in both incidents. ”The victim in this case actually testified in favor of the defendant.”

    Cooper, who had been on the run in a Black SUV that was later found abandoned, turned himself in to East Saint Louis police Tuesday night and is being held on $200,000 bond.

    He has not been charged and is being held on a probation violation.

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    10 thoughts on “Woman Found Stabbed To Death After Posting Facebook Warning, Ex-Boyfriend Arrested

    1. The children are better off, than with a mother that would allow herself to get beat up all the time and keep letting this monster in her home. She was stupid and neglectful. think of what those kids saw with the parents fighting. she had family and friends, she could have went to them when he got out of jail. she let him in the house to kill her. she loved him, did she love him more than her kids. she should have loved herself and her children more. where was her daddy?

      • Nomo, as a scholarly black man, I have endured a lifetime of taunts from my so called brothers to quit acting white. Your taunts fall on the same deaf ears.

    2. May GOD comfort this family as they prepare to say their final goodbyes. I pray that the children get some type of counseling and teaching; that this is unacceptable behavior. He must also remember, he has a daughter too. SO sad. God bless

    3. Domestic Abuse and the potential for death is a real fact. Family, friends, co-workers, etc can not be silent. This is an epidemic that needs to stop. These low life asshole cowards keep doing things because the women are too afraid to follow thru and the police have so many to deal with. Come on community we can’t let this keep happening to our mothers and their children – speak up, Speak Up, SPEAK UP

      • Look I don’t know where you get off with this Speak Up shyt, but we don’t roll that way. Never have, never will. Fock the po-po, no snitchin’ . Now get to steppin’.

        Holla’ at the Scholar

    4. That’s very sad. No one knows what really goes on behind closed doors in relationships. God Bless the grieving family and deceased children.

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