Little Known Black History Fact: Fred Hampton

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    Fred Hampton was an activist and deputy chairman of the Illinois Black Panther Party in the 1960’s. His death was a major crime investigation, with charges of conspiracy from the FBI. Hampton studied law and used his knowledge to watch for police brutality cases with the NAACP and the Black Panther Party. After joining the Panthers in 1968, he rose through the ranks quickly after organizing peace among Chicago’s most notorious street gangs. Hampton worked to form a “Rainbow Coalition” on the streets by appealing to the gangs’ desire to get out of poverty.

    In less than a year, Fred Hampton had risen to the levels of Stokely Carmichael in the Black Panther organization. The FBI had opened a 4,000-page file on Hampton, who was next in line as the Black Panther’s Chief of Staff.

    The 21-year-old would never see the appointment, as he was set up and assassinated in an FBI raid on December 4, 1969. An FBI informant named William O’Neal setup a raid against the Black Panther Party at Hampton’s Chicago apartment. Hampton lived there with his pregnant girlfriend, who gave birth four weeks after he was shot and killed by Chicago police.

    After a political education class, Hampton and the other party members, including Mark Clark, went back to his apartment where O’Neal had made a late meal for them. O’Neal apparently spiked Hampton’s food with drugs that would make him sleep through the raid. The drugs were later found to be introduced in his system by the coroner.

    When the FBI raided Hampton’s apartment, he was under the influence and unable to quickly react. Hampton was shot three times, the last two in the head after the police relocated his body to a doorway and shot him in cold blood. Black Panther Mark Clark was also shot and killed by the police officers. Others were severely injured and arrested.

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    3 thoughts on “Little Known Black History Fact: Fred Hampton

    1. THIS IS FOR ALL THE MODERN DAY REPORTS OF BLACKS HAVING A CODE OF SILENCE WHEN CRIME HAPPENS IN OUR COMMUNITIES. i was born in 1968′s chicago and raised most of those years on the westside AUSTIN DISTRICT (those that know chicago’s history know why i make that statement) the police in my community as a child were the ones delivering drugs and guns and protecting the gangbangers selling there products. THAT IS THE REASON FOR SEVERAL PROMINANT DRUG DEALERS PER SQUARE BLOCK AND THE DOPE THAT DEVASTATES A COMMUNITY. FAST FWD TO TIODAY AND WHAT U HAVE IS THE RESIDULE EFFECTS OF YOUR PAST. the true history give u understanding of our current POLICE STATE. THE LAW IS DIFFERENT IN THE GHETTO.

      • AND LET US NOT FORGET THE JOHN BURGE ERA WITH THE FORMER MAYOR DALEY AS DISTRICT ATTORNEY , CHICAGO IS THE GREATEST CITY IN AMERICA IN MY OPINION IF U WANT A TRUE UNDERSTANDING OF HOW AMERICA REALLY WORKS. and our assimulation has brought us to were are children have no knowledge of there ancestry, let us never forget and lets start teaching and learing WHO WE REALLY ARE AND WHY NOT KNOWING IS KILLING US.

    2. In society the most dangerous man is “an Educated Black Man”. The Panthers, most of them, were college grads and the head of the FBI was determined to get rid of them. I remember listening to news reports back in the 60′s about the Panthers, making them sound like low-down criminals just wanting to kill all the white people. The started feeding the children in the community free breakfast before school, which was a jump start to the free lunch programs.

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